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Arabian Gambling Laws

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is situated on the Arabian Peninsula and is surrounded by the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, , Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen. With an estimated population of around 28 million, the main religion is Islam. In this article we will focus mainly on the Arabian gambling laws and gaming regulations at Arabian Casinos.

As Saudi Arabia is governed under Islamic law, gambling is illegal in this country. The holy Qur’an regarded as the constitution of the country, the Islamic law on the other hand also prohibits public cinemas, eating pork and drinking alcohol. The Saudi government also has control over the content which its citizens can way in over the Internet. Using a sophisticated filtering system, sites involving gambling as well as drug use, pornography, and religious conversion of Muslims are the main targets. Hence it is obvious that the Arabian casinos gambling laws are very strict and stringent.

While you will come across many popular sports in Saudi Arabia, you won’t find any sportsbooks, bookmakers, or betting houses for the players to wager on the outcome of sports matches and games. This is because of the complete, nation-wide ban on all forms of gambling in Saudi Arabia, set by the rules under Islamic Law. But some underground sports betting does take place in Saudi Arabia, although it is not advised to place bets with illegal sportsbooks. Arabian gambling laws do permit the Saudis to place bet on sporting events by using online sportsbooks. Because of the gambling ban there are no online spotsbooks in Saudi Arabia, but the gamblers do have access to the hundreds of online gambling and betting sites in other countries around the world. Although the Saudi government tries to filter the internet access for its citizens, sometimes these filters are not very effective and many sites are able to get through. Therefore, even with strict Arabian casinos gambling laws, the players are able to use certain online sports books and casino sites.

As the laws at Arabian casinos set by the government are not applicable beyond the country's borders, these sites do not have to stand by the Saudi Arabian gambling laws. Thus they can freely offer their services to players in the country.

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