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Future Of Arabian Casinos

The Saudi Arabian government censors and controls any political and religious content on the web for its citizens. Any web site pertaining to drug use, pornography or online gambling and dating are pervasively filtered. So, what is the future of Arabian casinos under these circumstances? Till now, there were no Arabian casinos to be found. But with globalization progressing forward, the existence of Arabic casinos was only a matter of time. The Arabian casinos models in Las Vegas are a good proof for that. Read on to know more on Arabian casinos future.

Dubai Arabic Casino LTD is a company that is working day and night to modify the current governmental status that bans the Arabian casinos from being built. The National Consultative Council (NCC), has been asked by Dubai Arabic Casino to elucidate the present position for raffles, lotteries and other gambling activities that are allowed. Though this attempt is not made very clear to experts around the world but it is a sure indication of the Dubai Arabic Casino trying to get inside through the back door of the government. As for now, there would be a few Arabian casinos built for the tourists only and it seems that the rest of the Arab nation would simply have to wait for any modification of the laws at Arabic casinos and gambling.

Even though the Saudi Government rejects gambling, there are striking similarities between Las Vegas and the county, which can point towards a promising future of Arabian casinos. It has a strong reputation of trying to develop much like the same way Las Vegas has done but without casinos. Having changed into a premium destination resort area in the Middle East, low taxes, free trade and an aggressive growth strategy have only added to turn it into a progressive hub in the region. The region is all set to create strategic relationships with firms having experience in global leisure tourism. Although the free-market and pro-growth economy is very much Vegas, its political and cultural sphere is much different, for nothing much can happen happens in Dubai without government involvement. But the prospects of Arabian casinos don’t; look very bleak in the coming future.